Photo of Hung Diep

Hung Diep

Loan Officer – NMLS # 1464333

Photo of Geanette Macias

Geanette Macias

Loan Officer – NMLS#1124690

Geanette joined Golden Coast in 2014. She has over 20 years in the Real Estate market and enjoys helping families realize their dreams of home ownership.

Photo of Dennis Stockhausen

Dennis Stockhausen

Senior Loan Officer NMLS# 234869

I began my real estate/finance career back in 1978 and over these past 35 years have experienced every possible financial market one can imagine. The benefit to my clients is with this vast knowledge I can generally obtain an approval where other lenders cannot. During my career I spent 10 years on the radio advising…

Photo of Alex Torres

Alex Torres

Loan Officer – NMLS# 1124184

Olivia Torres

Senior Loan Officer/Branch Manager NMLS# 296584

Photo of Stacye Whitt

Stacye Whitt

Loan Officer NMLS# 306592

My love of people and numbers brought me to the mortgage industry and my belief in honest, open lending brought me to Golden Coast Mortgage. As someone who vividly remembers the emotions and stresses that can come with buying a home, I know how many questions can pop up. That’s why I am here…to make…